About One Sweet Party

One Sweet Party is the creation of a pair of designers who also happened to be sisters, Johanna and Yadira. Besides sharing the same set of parents, their family and their dogs, they also share the love for good design, unique stationery, stylish invitations, clever packaging, and throwing a fabulous party!

Fresh Design

Each of the designs is unique in their own way, some bold, some classic; but all full of personality! The creators believe that when it comes to celebrate your “special event”, whatever it may be, you should do it in style. It is your opportunity to make a personal statement!

Convenience & Personalization

We make it simple for you to design your own personalize event at a great cost savings. With every order, we will fully personalize your unique design for you and provide a free proof of your final design.

After approval, we will email the files straight to you. Then, just open the file, print as many as you like and cut!


As an event planning company, it is important to us to promote recyclable, reusable, and sustainable products as much as possible. As well as, offer low-impact and planet-friendly ways of celebrating your special events.

Our digital products provide the ability to print as much or as little as needed, therefore reducing the excess waste associated with buying the run-of-the-mill party goods at retail party stores.